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Waste Disposal Unit

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Everyone should have a Waste Disposal Unit.

I always wonder why people are so averse to having one … when they will soon become your best friend in the kitchen.

Perhaps its because they are scared of getting their fingers sliced off when using one!

Well, this will never happen because they don’t have internal knives (like a food processor) they grind the food waste (like an old fashioned flour mill) into a pulp that is simply washed away – so there is no danger in using a Waste Disposal Unit !


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Waste Disposal Unit …

There are loads of good reasons to buy one.

Do you enjoy having a smelly pedal waste bin in your kitchen – that no-one wants to empty! – well buy yourself a decent Waste Disposal Unit (like the Insinkerator Evolution 200) and you can say goodby to the bin.

Rather than throw your rubbish away (into Landfill) a Waste Disposal Unit will grind all your food waste into a fine pulp that is washed away into the drains – where it is recovered at the Water Treatment Plant and turned into fertiliser … isn’t that a bit more green!

You would expect one of these to be noisy (and the cheaper versions are!) but if you buy from a recommended manufacturer like Insinkerator, and a good model like the Evolution 200, then they are relatively quiet.

The Evolution 200 is a particularly good choice …

  • It’s powerful
  • Will deal with virtually all your food waste
  • Comes complete with an “air switch” – so you don’t have to turn the electrical switch on and off with wet hands
  • Easily fits under a standard One and a Half Bowl sink (within a 600mm Sink Cabinet)

The best online price I could find for one is here …

Or, to find other related information try these Google Searches …


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