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Tall Kitchen Cabinets

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Tall Kitchen Cabinets …

come in a variety of heights, widths, and types

Let’s look these over and check out each one.

Tall Kitchen Cabinets are normally supplied in three basic configurations …

  1. Larders
  2. Broom Cabinets
  3. Appliance Housings

Let’s look at each in more detail … read on!

Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

Check out his web site |Kitchen Designer|


 I suggest that any search you make includes a UK suffice – ensure the product you are looking at is made for the UK market, e.g. “ Tall Kitchen Cabinets UK

Tall Kitchen Cabinets …

Are normally supplied at these standard widths

  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • 450mm
  • 500mm
  • 600mm
  • 800mm (Double Door)
  • 1000mm (Double Door)

And at these standard heights:

  • 1440mm (Shoulder Height)
  • 1850mm (Low)
  • 1965mm (Medium)
  • 2150mm (High)

Please note!

Nearly all kitchen retailers will state the height as  “excluding the Plinth “ i.e. The height of the cabinet itself. To get the standard height to the top of the cabinet from the floor you must add the height of the Plinth (normally 150mm).

Also, Corner Larders are a whole different ball game – please see my separate post for Corner Larder sizing and internal configurations here … | Corner Larders |

Let’s Look at the different type of Tall Kitchen Cabinets, starting with the Larders …

When buying a Larder, you are buying storage space, and you have several types of Larders to consider.

  1. Shelved Larder.

If you want the most storage space, at the least cost, then a shelved larder is for you

However, although providing the most storage space (by using all the interior space) it is not the most accessible storage space.

The higher the shelves the more difficult it is the reach up to, and over, to get to things stored on the shelves.

  1. Pull-Out Larder.

These “types” of Larders come in different styles (e.g. Straight forward Pull-out, Tandem Pull and Swing, Internal Drawers with upper shelves)

Each one of the systems will reduce the total internal storage space (the mechanisms need space to “breath”) – but will greatly improve the access to the interior, by bringing the contents out of the Larder towards you.

So, its personal choice … do you cut your costs by shelving the Larder, or do you spend a little more to improve access to your stuff?

Appliance Housings are the Tall Kitchen Cabinets used to enclose your appliances (e.g. Ovens, Compact Ovens, Warming Drawers, Fridges, Freezers, Fridge/Freezers, Wine Coolers etc)

These Tall Kitchen Cabinets come with a variety of different sized apertures (spaces for the appliances to fit)

Apart from the “aperture” the remaining space is storage – this can be taken up by using either normal cupboard space (doors) of by introducing Drawers (standard, or deep “Pan Drawers”)

Morphy Richards makes some great small kitchen appliances …

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