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Neff N70 B57CR22N0B Oven

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Neff N70 B57CR22N0B Oven

Looking for a great single oven that does just about everything … and then cleans itself?

Look no further than the Neff N70 B57CR22N0B – it’s a great single oven that can be built-in (at eye level), or built-under (the Hob)

If you want to build it in at eye level it’s often combined with a Combi Microwave, to give you the ultimate cooking set up.

Featuring the Neff Slide and Hide Door … which gives you complete access to the interior, and Pyrolytic Cleaning … so you never have to clean your Oven again! It might not be the cheapest Oven out there, but you will never regret buying one.

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The Neff N70 B57CR22N0B Oven …

Provides a great number of useful features

  • The Oven has the Neff Revolution Handle – that swivels as you open the door, making it so much more comfortable.
  • The Slide and Hide Door (only available from Neff) makes access into the oven child’s play, allowing you to get much closer to the interior without burning your arms by “unintentionally” leaning on the inside of a hot oven door. It is also perfect (in a built-under situation) for anyone trying to access the oven interior from a wheelchair – you really can get right up close without a “drop-down” oven door in your way.
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning means you will never have to clean the inside of your oven again. Simply put it on its cleaning cycle, it then locks the door, heats the interior of the oven to ~500 degrees, and burns all the “fat splatters” to dust, and when the cycle is finished, simply sweep out the ash!
  • As with all Neff Ovens they combine well (in a stack) with a compact appliance ~460mm high (e.g. another Fan Oven, Combi Microwave, or Steam Oven) and are often also used in conjunction with a Warming Drawer.

The important thing to note is that, when combining these appliances, you buy them all of them from the same range, and manufacturer – it can look odd if a stack of ovens has different handles, different control panels, are a slightly different colour, etc.

The Neff N70 B57CR22N0B is often combined with the [ Neff C17MR02N0B N70 Built In Combination Microwave ] – which provides every type of cooking you could want (You will have two Fan Ovens (one self-cleaning), two Grills, and a Microwave)

You can also buy an “Integration Kit” that makes them look like a complete appliance.

The Neff N70 B57CR22N0B is … well worth buying!

Neff N70 B57CR22N0B Oven Slide Away Door

Neff N70 B57CR22N0B Oven Slide Away Door

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