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Modern Kitchen Designs

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Modern Kitchen Designs often feature “Flat Slab Doors” … that are either Gloss, Matt, or a Woodgrain finish (either horizontal or vertical).

These doors are either supplied with normal handles, have a “J” profile handle carved into the door edge, or are completely handleless (known in the trade as “True Handleless”).

Modern Kitchen Designs are less likely to include all the “ornate stuff” (such as Glass Display Cabinets, Open Shelving, and Spice Racks). They tend to be very linear in look.

Peter Earthy

Peter Earthy

Freelance Kitchen Designer

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Modern Kitchen Designs have become the predominate style, particularly for new kitchen extensions.

The following kitchen designs are projects I have completed for my clients in England.


This kitchen design was for a clients new rear extension in Epsom, Surrey …


Kitchen Design Example 5
Kitchen Example 5 Perspective 2
Kitchen design 5 - Perspective 1
Kitchen Example 5 Perspective 3
This kitchen design was for a client based in Bolton …


Kitchen Design 6 Elevation 3
Kitchen Design 6 Perspective 2
Kitchen Design 6 Perspective 1
Kitchen Design 6 Perspective 3
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