Brief Summary …

There is nothing wrong with Laminate Worktops, in fact, more Laminate Worktops are sold each year than all the other types of Worktops put together.

Most manufacturers make about 30 Laminate Worktop colours, mainly imitating either Solid Wood or Granite/Stone, colours.

Easily the cheapest of the worktop types, they represent excellent value for money (they cost £4/500 for an average size kitchen).


  1.  Excellent value for money – about a tenth of the price of a Granite Worktop
  2. Can be fitted in situ by your Kitchen Fitter – saving on the need to template the worktop prior to its manufacture – cutting about a week off the kitchen fitting time 


The “Pre-Set” sizes make it a bit limiting for the Kitchen

Due to the “Post Formed Edge” creating shaped worktops becomes a little challenging (shaping the Laminate Worktop inevitably means the rounded front edge (or part of it) needs to be cut off.

Hello Peter.

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know your tip about buying “extra depth” worktops worked out fine for us – the kitchen is now fitted, and none of the appliances stick out out from the worktop

Richard - Wandsworth, London

Some simple advice and tips …

If you are going to be buying Laminate Worktops be aware of their sizes (and the possible limitations these can cause) before starting to work out your new design layout.

Laminate Worktops are supplied in standard “Blanks” – to be cut and joined in situ by your Kitchen Fitter.

The “Blank” is made with a straight back edge that fits against the wall, and a slightly rounded front edge (known as a Post Formed Edge).

Breakfast Bar Worktops or any worktop that is fitted right angles to the wall  (projecting into the room) will need a Post Formed Edge on the front and the back edge.

Most Laminate Worktops are sold in the following lengths …

  • 3000mm/600mm (Single Post Formed)
  • 4100mm/600mm (Single Post Formed)
  • 4100mm/665mm (Double Post Formed)
  • 3000mm/900mm (Double Post Formed)
Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

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