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Kubus KBX 160 34-16

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Kubus KBX 160 34-16

This is a Stainless Steel One and a half bowl Under Mounted Sink made by Franke.

It happens to be the most popular Under Mounted sink that is sold in the UK.

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Franke Kubus KBX 160 34-16 Under Mounted Sink …

What a beautiful piece of kit! – it’s easy to understand its popularity (based upon look alone).

It provides a generous sized main bowl and a good-sized small bowl … which is perfect for fitting a Waste Disposal Unit under.

Kubus KBX 160 34-16 bowl sizes

Kubus KBX 160 34-16 bowl sizes

A few things to note with this sink:

  • Due to its “curved Tap ledge”, the sink is “handed” (there is a version with the small bowl on the left, and also, with the small bowl on the right-hand side (make sure you order the right one!)
  • It will comfortably fit into a 600mm wide sink base cabinet
  • The Kubus KBX 160 34-16 also has a number of accessories – (Chopping Board, Collender for the small bowl, etc.) – which CANNOT be used if the worktop “over-hangs the sink … always inform your Worktop Templater if you want to use the accessories – he will template the cut-out so that it sits “flush” with the sink
  • With their “typical Franke steep sides” the bowls provide more space than you first think!

So, if you intend having a “Solid” Worktop like Granite, or Quartz, and you want a good quality, good looking, One and a Half Bowl Sink look no further!

I have never met anyone who purchased a Franke Kubus KBX 160 34-16 Sink that was anything but … delighted with it!

I have looked all over the internet and the best price I could find for the Franke Kubus KBX 160 34-16 Under Mount Sink, is from a supplier you might not associate with it! … take a look below!

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