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Kitchens And Coronavirus

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Kitchens and  Coronavirus …

The Kitchen Business (like all others) has been decimated by the current Coronavirus.

With all Kitchen Showrooms shut for months, and Kitchen Fitters unable to work in clients houses, the business has come to a complete halt – with Companies shutting down for good and those that have managed to keep afloat now laying off the majority of their staff.

Of course, losing your job is nothing in comparison to losing your life by contracting Covid-19, but I feel deeply sorry for all my old ex-colleagues/friends/employers who are in this position.

As someone who has traded through 2 “major” recessions (the late 1980s and the financial crash some years ago) the signs are back … this is going to get worse, a lot worse, before any upturn.

Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

Check out his web site |Kitchen Designer|

The Kitchen Business trades on confidence, and confidence levels are approaching a new low!

It is quite understandable that if you are even the slightest bit concerned about losing your job … you are hardly likely to splash out £20k on a new kitchen.

I can see that the lack of confidence will become more visible over the next few months.

Kitchen Showrooms may just be re-opening – but if no-one is going in, then no fresh “leads” are being made.

In this business one thing is certain …  No Leads = No Business

As most Kitchen Designers depend upon commissions from sales made (they cannot exist upon their basic salaries) then there are going to be some lean time ahead.

No Leads = No Sales = No Commission = No Job

My advice (for what it’s worth) to any Kitchen Designer is to “go out and find something else to do for the next couple of years!

Things are going to get progressively worse over the next few months with potential clients losing their jobs, followed shortly by all “un-required” Kitchen Designers.

In conclusion, I wish I were wrong – but having been there a number of times, I see it all happening again.

So, good luck to all Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom Designers out there (try to find another way of making a living before everyone else does.)

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