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Kitchen Wall Units

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 Kitchen Wall Units …

Are primarily wall storage units, that happen to be easier to access than base cabinets.

Whereas base units have loads of pull-out mechanisms (to improve access into them) Kitchen Wall Units have no great need for this … and are mainly supplied shelved.

Let us investigate the range of sizes available, and the different styles of Kitchen Wall Units that can be bought, read on …


Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

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Kitchen Wall Units …

Are available in a number of standard heights:

  • 280mm (lift up top box)
  • 360mm (lift up top box)
  • 575mm (small wall cabinet)
  • 720mm (medium wall cabinet) (the most popular size)
  • 900mm (tall wall cabinet)

And also, in a number of standard widths:

  • 150mm (single door kitchen wall unit)
  • 300mm (single door kitchen wall unit)
  • 400mm (single door kitchen wall unit)
  • 450mm (single door kitchen wall unit)
  • 500mm (single door kitchen wall unit)
  • 600mm (single door kitchen wall unit)
  • 800mm (double door kitchen cabinet)
  • 900mm (double door kitchen cabinet)
  • 1000mm (double door kitchen cabinet)

Kitchen Wall Cabinets …

Also, come in a variety of styles:

  • Shelved Kitchen Wall Cabinets
  • Glass Display Cabinets (with glass shelves)
  • Open Shelf Display Units
  • Wine Racks
  • Spice Racks
  • Bookcases

A couple of things to note when making your purchase …

  1. Remember to buy the Wall End Panels that will be required to mask any exposed Wall Carcase End
  2. Check you have enough ceiling height to fit the cabinets (720mm height require a ceiling height of at least 2115mm, and 900mm height cabinets require at least 2300mm – you need to then add the height of any Cornice to these figures)

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