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Kitchen Sale

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Kitchen Sales, or are they Kitchen Con’s!

Let’s look at Kitchen Sales, are these discounts real … or not!

Do you remember the good old days, when retailers had proper sales to clear their stock?

The whole point of a retailer having a sale was to get rid of all “un-sold stock” to provide some ready cash to buy new products (to sell) and to clear space in the warehouse for these new products to be stored.

Well, “real” sales are long gone … they are now just a con!

Want to know why? … read on


Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

Check out his web site |Kitchen Designer|

Kitchen Sales, should we view these with some scepticism?

Well, my view is yes – the only point of these sales is to … inject urgency into the situation.

What do I mean by this?

Well when you think about it, why does your kitchen retailer quote (on average) a delivery time of 4/5 weeks for your new kitchen?

The simple answer is because it does not exist … because it is mainly “built to order”, and if this is the case, how can it form part of a sale?

The retailer’s objective of having a sale is to make you make a decision, pay a deposit, which then takes you out of the market (and stop you looking at other competitors kitchens)

Do you recognise any of these statements (they are all designed to inject urgency into the situation)

  • The Sale finishes at the end of this month
  • There is an extra 10% discount over this weekend
  • There is an extra 10% discount for the first 10 orders placed
  • There is an extra discount available today because … whatever you want to make up!

Believe me, there are numerous other methods that are used!

So where do these discounts come from?

They are fabricated!

A Kitchen Retailer will determine just how much he needs to sell, say a kitchen Base Cabinet for, and make a profit when doing so. (nothing wrong with that).

However, this “normal price” is then inflated so that when it’s discounted, they get the “normal price” they need.

(Of course, no-one will ever admit to this – but it is standard practice)

So, this kitchen base cabinet could be sold to you at the same price, at any time of the year, whether there is a sale on, or not!

(Having worked for many different Kitchen Retailers (small, and the multiples) over the years I have had to participate in the Sales … they are a con!)

At the end of any “design appointment” the worst thing you can say to a kitchen salesman is … I want to think about it!


Well the last thing they want you to do is “think about it”

If you think about it (too much) you might start questioning just what value this “deal” is.

They will do everything in their power to get you to make a decision (in their favour) before you leave the store – because when you leave the store the chances of them making a sale reduce dramatically.

What they want to hear you say is … “we couldn’t normally have afforded it, but it was such a bargain we couldn’t resist” (what a load of crap!)

Hence the crazy discounts offered to get you to decide.

Can I make a suggestion for you?

Take back control of the situation.

You are going to be spending quite a large sum of money (your money), and they should be over the moon that you might spend it with them … don’t put up with these crap sales tactics, designed to put them in control.

Have your kitchen designed separately from the seller, after all, it does not matter whether there is a sale on, or not, they will sell you the kitchen at the same price any time of the year.

Using an Independent Kitchen Designer to plan your new layout leaves you in control of making the purchase.

Simply send your new design to any number of retailers, telling them you do not want to make any changes, but just want their best price!

Then sit back and wait for the quotes to come in, and make your decision on your terms, in your own time.

I can help you here, check out my Independent Kitchen Design Service here … | Kitchen Design |

Most of my clients save thousands by buying their new kitchens online – I can help you through the process of doing this.

Please note! – I do not sell any kitchen products, I just help people design and buy theirs.

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