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Kitchen Island With Seating? – yes please!

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Kitchen Island with seating …

Everyone wants one! … so why’s this?

Most people these days are planning a big “open plan” kitchen/day room.

The type of room where all the family can congregate (at any time of day) and is a great place for entertaining any friends that call over.

Having a kitchen island with seating is a classic way of making family members, and friends, comfortable when they call over and becomes a great place to relax.

However, it is important that your kitchen island is large enough to comfortably include seating, and that the seating does not obstruct any “appliance” fitted into the Island Countertop.

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Kitchen Island with seating?

There are a number of things to consider when including one in your new kitchen design, e.g.

  1. How many seats?
  2. What type of seats?
  3. Where to position the seats?

How many?

It’s worth remembering that this type of seating is primarily designed for “social seating”

As such you don’t want to go overboard with the number of stools ( between 2 and 4 is generally the number used).

What type?

90% of all “social seating” is created with Bar Stools” – as they are used to sit against something about 900mm high (about 3 foot to our American friends).

However, if the “seating area” of the Kitchen Island is dropped lower, then normal chairs may be utilised.


When designing a Kitchen Island with seating care must be taken with the positioning of the Stools.

As a rule of thumb, the Kitchen Countertop will need to project about 300mm (1 foot) beyond the cabinets below – to provide room for your knees, when sitting there.

It has been the fashion over the past few years to extend the seating along the full length of one side of the Island … avoid this if you can.

When sitting and chatting “socially” it is far nicer to be facing each other.

Sitting the length of the Island in one line inevitably means you will all be bending forward “craning” your necks in order to speak with each other – not at all comfortable!

It is far better to position the Stools around the end of the Island Countertop so that a Kitchen Island with seating becomes an enjoyable experience. (as per the image above)


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