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Kitchen Island – Do I Have Room For One?

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Kitchen Island

So, do you have room for one?

I guess you need to do some sums to check this out.

As a good rule of thumb, you will need a clearance of 1100mm (or, ~43″, to our American friends) between any edge of the Kitchen Island, and any adjacent surface.

Then, the shape of the Island (Rectangular, Square, “T” Shaped, “P” Shaped, “S” Shaped, or “Y” Shaped etc.) can have an effect.

But, please be assured that nothing looks worse than a kitchen Island placed into an area that is to small for it!

Read on for more info …

Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

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Island Sizes …

Let’s look at how your new kitchen design can affect the size of your Kitchen Island.

Below you will see three images of a kitchen the same size – but with three different layouts.

Now if you try to achieve the required 1100mm walkthrough … just see how the  Island size is affected.


Kitchen Island Sizes
Kitchen Island Sizes
Kitchen Island Sizes

Kitchen Island Sizes …

Another thing that can have a major effect on the size of your Island, is the type of Worktop (Countertop) you choose to sit on it.

All Kitchen Worktop (Countertops) are made to a different standard width and lengths, and as no-one wants a “join” in their new Island Worktop this can limit both the width and length.

It’s well worthwhile, when choosing your Worktop, that you take its size into account when planning your new Island

Island Types …

Most people choose a new Island for their kitchen to perform one of two tasks:

  1. Working Island (with Sink, Tap, Hob, fitted)
  2. Storage Island (made up for general storage and maybe some “social seating”

You can check out some examples of Kitchen Islands I have designed for my clients here … [Kitchen Island Designs ]

Or, to find other related information try these Google Searches …


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