Brief Summary …

Kitchen Fitters are like gold dust (well good one are).

The best way to find one is through personal recommendation – do you know anyone that has had a new kitchen fitted in the past 12 months?

If you are really struggling to find a fitter trying the online services (that promote tradesmen).

Companies like:

These types of online directories provide references from recent clients – giving you the oportunity of checking out the fitter before approahing him.

Kitchen Fitter Pro's

  1. Has the required tools and equipment to do a proper job
  2. Has the knowledge gained from fitting hundreds of previous kitchens
  3. Can complete most of the work himself – bringing in specialists to do odd jobs (Gas connections, Plastering, Tiling, etc)

Kitchen Fitter Con's

  1. Often take on more jobs than they can handle effectively
  2. Are poor communicators – and see no reason to keep you informed about any progress (or lack of it)

Hello Peter.

The kitchen is all completed and looks great.

Do you want to come over to have a look?

James (The Fitter you recommended) was great – he will be coming back to do my shower room in a couple of months.

Pam - Wimbledon, London

Some simple advice and tips …

Kitchens are all the same in as much as the fitting is everything.

It doesn’t’ matter if you spend £20,000 on the cabinets, or £3,000 … if they are fitted well they will look great, if they are fitted badly they will look crap

So, finding a good kitchen fitter can be critical.

Spend some time checking your prospective fitter out .. always ask for references

Be wary of any fitter that requests full payment before the job is completed – it is the norm to hold back at least 10% of the cost until the job is completed … and you are happy!

Also, any good Kitchen Fitter is going to be booked up at least two months in advance – If you are told he can start next week there had better be a very good reason!

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Independent Kitchen Designer

Peter Earthy is an Independent Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK. You can call him on 07859-253201 (Mon/Sat 9am to 7pm)

This is a great service to find a good local kitchen fitter – why not give it a go (doesn’t’ cost you anything to try) 

Some recent kitchen designs completed for clients …