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Kitchen Design Examples

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Kitchen Design Examples …

The two basic types of kitchen design are:

1. Modern Kitchen Designs

2. Traditional Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

Most Modern Kitchen Designs feature “Flat Slab Doors”.

The doors come with either …

  • Normal Handles (either vertical or horizontal)
  • “J” Profile Handles (where the handle is “grooved along the top (for Base Cabinets), or bottom (for Wall Cabinets)
  • “True Handleless” (ie. no handle) (the door is a flat slab, and you open it by reaching behind the door to open it)

I will be showing some kitchen design examples further into this post …


Traditional Kitchen Designs

These designs normally feature “Panelled” Kitchen Doors.

Panelled Kitchen Doors are constructed from 5 pieces …

  • A horizontal Top Rail
  • Two vertical Side Rails
  • A horizontal Bottom Rail
  • A Centre Panel that is fitted between the Rails

The Centre Panel can be flat (Shaker Door) or raised (Raised and Fielded Panel).


Kitchen Cabinet Type

And, of course, you will need to choose the type of cabinet construction.

There are two types of fitted kitchen …

Standard “Lay-On” door cabinets are what most people think of as a standard fitted kitchen – and this type is found in most modern kitchen design examples.

In-Frame Kitchen Cabinets are how the used to be made (before Lay-On doors were introduced). The door sits flush within the outer frame of the cabinet, and are often found in traditional kitchen design examples.

Would you like to see some Kitchen Design Examples ?

These Modern Kitchen Designs are taken from projects I have completed for my clients in England

These Traditional Kitchen Designs are taken from projects I have completed for my clients in England

Need some help?

If you need some help with planning your new kitchen layout please get in touch.

You can see my kitchen design services here … [ Kitchen Designer ]


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