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Instant Boiling Water Tap

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Instant Boiling Water Tap

They may be very expensive kettles … but are they worth it?

Well, as someone who has used several makes and models over the past few years I can say that some are … but most are not!

The key to which are worth buying, and those that are not, is the word boiling.

The very least to expect from an Instant Boiling Water Tap is for it to produce boiling water (at 100 degrees C) from the spout, and whilst a few do … the majority don’t!

So, to find out which is worth buying, and which to avoid … please read on.


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Instant Boiling Water Tap … What to look for!

There is a big difference between Boiling Water Taps and Instant Hot Water Taps (particularly when it comes to making hot drinks like tea)

So, how do you differentiate between the two?

If a Tap is described as an Instant Hot Tap it’s not likely to produce boiling water (otherwise it would say it produces boiling water)

Also, it’s worth noting that a Tap that “boils” water it doesn’t mean to say that “boiling water” is what comes out of the spout (due to cooling between the heater and the spout)

Look for a tap that heats water to above 100 degrees, so that when it cools slightly between the heater and spout, it will come out of the spout at 100 degrees.

So how is it possible to heat water at above 100 degrees?

Well, for example, the Quooker Tap heats, and stores, water in a vacuum tank (above 100 degrees) so that it produces boiling water from the spout.

So this is the type of Instant Boiling Water Tap that’s worth buying!

Another simple tip when looking is the price!

In my experience, any “true” Instant Boiling Water Tap is likely to be at least £1,000

The cheaper models (£500 / £1,000) are likely to produce water at between 92 & 98 Degrees.

When comparing prices it’s always worth considering the costs of the “optional extras”.

If you live in a hard water area it is imperative that you include the optional “Scale Filter” – a £25 Kettle that furs up within a year is not a disaster (simply chuck it out and buy another) … but a £1,000 Tap that furs up is more of a problem.

Also, when buying an Instant Water Boiling Tap you need to consider the size of the Heater Tank, Scale Filter, Water Filter etc – they need to fit into whatever sink cabinet you choose to buy.

Good luck with your choice, they are expensive … but well worth including!

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