My Independent Kitchen Design Service provides you with …

  • A detailed dimensioned plan (Your fitter will need this)
  • Flat Elevation drawings for each wall (makes it easy to identify what are drawers, or not, and to work out the number of handles required)
  • 3D colour perspective drawings showing just what the kitchen is going to look like
  • A detailed Parts List – showing every individual part required (essential if you are going to be ordering the kitchen online)

This Kitchen Design Pack is sent to you as a pdf file – which makes it easy to send to any kitchen company you want a quote from.

Unless specifically requested by you, all kitchens are designed utilising standard European sizes – this means you can send the Kitchen Design Pack to any supplier in this country – and they can provide you with a quote for it.

Your info is needed

To create your kitchen design I will require some information from you – this is something I prefer to discuss on the phone, and will make arrangements for a 20 min call if you wanted to proceed.