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How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost

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So, how much does a new kitchen cost

Well, the standard industry response is …  That depends on what you have.

(Which is not very useful to you, is it!)

So, I think the ideal way of trying to assess “how much does a new kitchen cost” is to look at all the different expenditures involved and then to see how your own personal situation fits into this.

When buying a new Fitted Kitchen, you are paying for four different products and services – which all come with their own price.

These are:

  1. The Furniture (Cabinets, Trims, Handles, Decorative End Panels, etc.)
  2. Kitchen Appliances (Including Sink and Tap)
  3. Specialist Worktop (Quartz, Granite, Corian, Porcelain) (Laminate and Solid Wood Worktop costs are normally included in the furniture price)
  4. Kitchen Fitting (Carpentry, Electrics, Plumbing/Gas, Plastering, Tiling, Rubbish Removal etc.)

Let’s see how these can affect … your price

Read on …


Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

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Kitchen Cost Factors …

  1. Furniture

There are several factors that can affect “how much does a new kitchen cost”

  • Door Style – Solid Wood Doors will always be more expensive than MDF Doors (whether Vinyl Wrapped, or Laminated)
  • Cabinet Sizes -wide cabinets are far more cost-effective than narrow ones (a 300mm base unit maybe half the size of a 600mm one, but it’s probably 80% of the cost (not half the price)
  • Glass Doors – are more expensive than standard ones
  • Decent Pull-Out Mechanisms are always going to cost more than standard interior shelves
  • Cornice, Light Pelmet, Decorative End Panels are not “required” products and all cost


  1. Kitchen Appliances

You pay your money and make your choice, although I would advise against buying appliances that have features that you will never use …


  • A Built-in Oven could cost £700 or £4,000 (but fish fingers will taste the same coming out of either of them) So unless you are a Gourmet Cook why bother paying for top-end features that you will never use.
  • A Dishwasher may have 4 Programs, or 14. (Why pay for 14 programs when you probably only ever use 2 of them!)


  1. Specialist Worktops

Kitchen Worktop costs vary immensely depending on their material, and the lengths/depths required – here is how they are costed (cheapest first)

  • Laminate (Av £400/600 per Kitchen)
  • Solid Wood (Av £800 per Kitchen)
  • Quartz (Av £3,500/£5,00 per Kitchen)
  • Granite (Av £3,500/£5,000 per Kitchen)
  • Porcelain (Av £4,500/£6,00 per Kitchen)
  • Corian (Av £4,500/£7,000 per Kitchen)


  1. Kitchen Fitting

Kitchen fitting costs are generally more expensive in the south of the country, compared to the north (isn’t everything!)

What will determine “how much does a new kitchen cost” is the number of services you are going to pay someone to do for you (compared to doing yourself)

Kitchen Fitting Services include:

  • Strip Out of the old kitchen, flooring, wall tiles, and Licensed Rubbish Removal
  • Plumbing
  • Gas Works (Must be carried out, and certificated, by a “Gas Safe” registered Fitter)
  • Electrics (Must be carried out, and certificated, by a “Part P” qualified Electrician)
  • Carpentry (fitting of the “furniture”)
  • Plastering (Walls, Ceilings etc.)
  • Flooring (Tiles, Vinyl, Wood, Laminate etc)
  • Decorating
  • Specialist Worktops (will be fitted by their supplier)
  • Glass Splashbacks (are normally fitted by their supplier)


So, How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost ???

Well, based upon how just much of the above you need, and assuming you are buying a decent quality kitchen, well-branded appliances, and having it all fitted professionally, you can expect to pay between £11,000 and £18,000 – you get what products/services you pay for!

These costs are broken down like this …

  • Average Furniture Price (£2k to £5k)
  • Average Appliance Spend (£1.5k to £5K)
  • Average Worktop Cost (£600 to £5k)
  • Average Fitting Charges (£1.5k to £3k)

So buying the cheapest option on all products/services is likely to put you back about £11k.

Whereas buying the most expensive options in each case  is likely to cost about £18k

The actual amount of your new kitchen is totally dependent upon your choices of each of the above products, or services.

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