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Elica Ascent Cooker Hood

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Elica Ascent Cooker Hood

As Angled Cooker Hoods go, the Elica Ascent Cooker Hood is one of the more stylish, and reasonably priced.

Available in Black Glass, White Glass, and Stainless Steel … and at 60cm width and 90cm.

This Cooker Hood is supplied with a matching chimney and can be used either with or without it.

Also, can be used in either a ducted, or recycling, mode.

Peter Earthy

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Elica Ascent Cooker Hood …

One of the advantages of Angled Cooker Hoods is that they can be set lower than a standard “chimney hood” – without making it easy to bang your head on it.

This particular Hood is very quiet in operation (particularly if ducted) and provides a simple “boost” button if you need to “ramp up the extraction”.

The “Fat Filters” are easily accessible, and washable!

Simple to operate and very stylish its a good hood to choose.

Quick tip whilst I remember … this Angled Cooker Hood can be ducted either vertically (up through the chimney) or backwards through an outside wall.

It is designed so that you can very simply turn the motor through 90 degrees to alter the Ducting direction.

When planning the position of the Hood always remember to leave a little space either side.

So if choosing an Elica Ascent Cooker Hood it’s worth allowing space at least 60mm wider than the hood, ie.

  • 60cm Hood = at least 66cm Space (or more)
  • 90cm Hood = at least 96cm space (or more)

They look far better with a bit of breathing room!

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