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Cheap Kitchen Appliances

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Cheap Kitchen Appliances – is there such a thing?

Kitchen Retailers used to make loads of profit from selling Integrated Appliances (they were one of the few places that sold them, and they capitalised heavily upon that!).

This all changed, about 10 years ago, with the emergence of the Big “Online” Sellers (of both Integrated and Free-Standing Appliances).

The Online sellers have since become the primary source of … cheap Kitchen Appliances

The “Online” stores slashed the prices of these goods (by applying far smaller margins and going for high quantity of sales to compensate for this).

This took away most of the appliance business from Kitchen Retailers.

You can still buy (mainly Integrated) Appliances from your local kitchen retailer … but why pay their premium?

I have spent years working with Appliance Brands and have come up with the best places you can buy them from, at the best prices … read on!

Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

Check out his web site |Kitchen Designer|

Cheap Kitchen Appliances …

The first decision you need to make is … Am I going to buy “Integrated Appliances”, “Free-Standing Appliances”, or a mixture of both?

As a rule of thumb, you will find Integrated Appliances about twice the price of Free-Standing ones – and some appliances are only available “Free-Standing” (e.g. Range Cookers, American Fridge Freezers, Tumble Dryers, and most Wine Coolers etc.).

However, savings can often be made by buying all your appliances from one “brand name” – retailers are often willing to provide a discount if you purchase a number of appliances from the same brand – it’s a way of turning good quality appliances into … cheap kitchen appliances.

Searching by “Brand” is not a bad start, and the most popular brands to consider in the UK are …

| Neff | | Siemens | | Bosch | | Fisher-Paykel | | Miele | | Quooker | | AEG | | Rangemaster | | Hotpoint | | Franke | | InSink Erator | | Samsung | | LG |

Or you can look by “appliance type”. I have purchased products (for both myself, and for my Kitchen Design clients) from each of the links below, without problem, and found their services to be exemplary.

Looking for Cheap Kitchen Appliances ? … check out these links

| Cooking | | Cooker Hoods | | Refrigeration| | Dishwashers | | Laundry | | Sinks and Taps|

Although please note! With the “global” aspect of online shopping you need to be sure that any appliance you buy is made for the UK market, for example, it would be all too easy to order an “American Fridge Freezer” that unwittingly was made for the USA Market, that does not work here, because the power requirement is different to those sold in the USA … an expensive mistake to make!

So if you are “Googling” it is well worth your while adding a “UK” suffice to the end of your search terms (e.g. “Cheap Kitchen Appliances UK”) … and buying your appliances from a known UK supplier.

In conclusion, it is perfectly possible to buy all your kitchen appliances online, and providing you are careful to choose a proprietary brand from a UK supplier your search for cheap kitchen appliances will have been worthwhile.

Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for and save pots of money in the process!

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