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Best Kitchen Worktops

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I think its worth noting, at this stage, that the best Kitchen Worktops are not likely to be the cheapest Kitchen Worktops!

And, as all Kitchen Worktops are perfectly OK to use in any new kitchen design, I gues a more appropriate question is … what are the most popular Kitchen Worktops … read on!

Peter Earthy

Blog Author: Peter Earthy

Peter is an Independent “Freelance” Kitchen Designer living and working in the UK

Check out his web site |Kitchen Designer|

The “best kitchen worktops” are … the ones you can afford!

And from a costing point of view … these are how they compare with each other (Cheapest First, Dearest Last)

  1. Laminate Worktops
  2. Solid Wood Worktops
  3. Granite & Quartz Worktops
  4. Porcelain and Glass Worktops
  5. Corian Worktops

(i.e. Laminate Worktops are the cheapest Worktops)

Now, regarding which are the “best” I guess this is all down to personal preference.

If I was only able to choose one kitchen worktop to use in future designs, it would be Quartz Worktops.

So why do I think that Quartz makes better Worktops? …

Quartz Worktop Pros's

  • Big Range of colours
  • Lots of “Profiled Edges” available
  • Most colours available in Jumbo Slabs (bigger “un-joined” slabs available)
  • Totally impervious to liquids
  • Difficult to stain
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be cut into almost any shape
  • Can be used for Upstands and Splashbacks

Quartz Worktop Con's

  • Not the cheapest Kitchen Worktops (on average £3.5k to £4.5k including Templating, Fitting, and VAT
  • Exposed edges (such as the sink cutout) can chip if heavy pans are clattered into it

Now, just because I think Quartz worktops are the best it doesn’t mean to say the others aren’t perfectly OK.

For example – if you are looking for a Black Glossy worktop then choose a Granite. Nothing looks more opulent than a highly polished black Granite (such as “Star Galaxy”).

Well maintained Solid Worktops can look stunning – regular oiling brings out a lustre in them that’s hard to match.

Amazon supply kitchen worktops at very reasonable prices …

Use these Google Links to find related information …


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